Very Impressive!!

I had a small emergency at my house when the contractor engaged to move a tree, sliced through a water pipe with his chainsaw when cutting away the tree roots in the ground. To make matters worse the main water meter supply tap could not be completely turned off leaving water continually running into the garden bed. The tree contractor called Plumbdog and Plumber Phil arrived very soon after (TICK to good response time).

Since the Water Corporation was not able to attend immediately to turn off the water main, Phil was left to fix the pipe with the water still running into the garden bed. I watched as Phil plunged his hands into a pool of dark sand filled water, blindly working with tools and attachments until he managed to stop the leak. (Very impressive!). This also meant that water supply to the house was maintained, until the Water Corp could attend to fix the water main tap –which they did the following day. Phil returned a day later to complete a permanent repair to the pipe. I also asked him to do a few other repairs around the house which he did most efficiently.

Compliments to Phil who did an excellent job with the pipe repairs and plumbing maintenance & compliments to Plumbdog for arranging prompt/on time service on both days.

I would definitely use Plumbdog again and recommend them to family & friends!

Irving, Dalkeith WA

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