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You called for a great quality, reliable plumber in Hilton?

Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas will come running to you! We have great plumber prices including our exclusive Standard Rate Saturdays.

Whether your home in Hilton has burst pipes, blocked drains, leaking toilets or dripping taps – Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas have fully stocked plumbing service vehicles carrying everything you need for any plumbing job.

We even carry temporary hot water systems and can offer same day hot water repairs and replacement – so you’ll never have to freeze in the shower again!

We’re available all day everyday for your general plumbing repairs – not just during standard hours.

We’re ready for any plumbing and gas fitting emergencies – no matter whether you have gas leaks & appliance breakdowns or you need that bathroom and kitchen renovations seen to asap (including dishwasher & fridge installations) we promise we come when you whistle – ANY day of the week (even Christmas day).

What’s more, we value your time, so we’ll always call ahead. No waiting by the door with droopy eyes!

You can rely on Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas to service your home’s plumbing needs because we’ve been helping the people of Hilton for years.  With the growth in the area meaning new homes continue to be built, Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas are continually relied upon to service Hilton and its surrounding suburbs in the City of Fremantle, such as Fremantle, Beaconsfield, O’Connor, North Fremantle, South Fremantle, Samson and White Gum Valley. Just whistle and we’ll come!

Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas offer rapid repairs top end service making us the plumbers Hilton residents continually rely upon.

Genuine Hilton emergency plumbers.

At Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas, we guarantee to always arrive when we say we will, anywhere in Hilton. We only charge standard rates during standard hours, even on Saturdays – great savings we believe you won’t find anywhere else.

A recent Hilton success story:

We’ve had many happy customers in Hilton over our time. Despite its recent urban renewal, many of the older buildings in the area present problems with cracked and ageing sewer pipes which are particularly vulnerable to tree roots making their way into the pipes and blocking them.

Not long ago, we were called out to a client’s residence in Hilton where roots from quite a big tree from a nearby property got into the sewer pipes and blocked them. This unfortunately blocked the toilet and caused it to back up – right in the middle of a birthday party. Luckily our local Hilton Plumbdog plumber arrived within 90 minutes of getting the emergency service callup and eliminated the obstruction with minimal interruption to festivities.  In this case, a very crappy situation was averted (pardon the pun).

Sound like we’re the top dog for you? Check out our great rates, discover how we work or get in touch.

We service everywhere in the City of Fremantle:

  • Fremantle
  • Beaconsfield
  • O’Connor
  • North Fremantle
  • South Fremantle
  • Samson
  • White Gum Valley

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