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Blocked Drain & Leaky Tap!

Admin staff were helpful and informative as well as sounding very approachable and realistic. I appreciated the honesty and down-to-earth attitude which is why I chose your company.

We had two separate days of work. On the first the plumber was late but called within the time frame to tell me this was the case and ask if that would suit me. The second time he was within the time frame and called half an hour before.

The plumber was very busy and certainly wasted no time doing the work. Although $600 seems a lot of money to pay to unblock a drain and replace the kitchen tap I do realise that it is skilled work and your rates seem comparable to other companies. We have been very happy with the quality of the work too.

The plumber left a bit of a mess near the drain outside on the first visit but this was easy to clean. He left my kitchen quite clean though there is some water damage to the base of the cupboard units due to the water that ran out everywhere. I’m not sure there is much we could have done about this though.

Thanks for your services. We would use your company again for our plumbing needs.


Kelsie Barnsby, East Victoria Park WA