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External Pool Shower

“During construction of our swimming pool we decided to have an outdoor shower installed.  We called Plumb-dog to come and have a look at the site to see if this was possible.

Richard arrived promptly and was only too happy to offer his advice on the positioning of the shower and gave us food for thought with his suggestion of running both hot and cold water to the shower. This turned out to be a brilliant idea as guests are much happier to shower in warm water rather than cold, after their swim.

After our initial meeting with Richard, we felt extremely confident in his expertise in the plumbing field and gave him the go ahead to install the shower. We also engaged Plumb-dog to do the drainage and plumbing work to our new outdoor kitchen. This was a difficult job and Richard alerted us to some issues he encountered whilst doing this work which could have affected us in the future.  These issues were discussed and resolved immediately therefore causing no delay in the work at hand.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Plumb-dog (Richard) for all your plumbing needs.  Richard approaches his work in a professional manner and executes this work in a friendly, approachable way.”

Lesley & Greg Hobbs, Leeming