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Troubleshooting and Maintenance Tips for your Hot Water System

Is your hot water heater not operating as expected? Don’t panic! There are a few simple checks you can do:

Is it switched on at the power point? This seems obvious, but it does happen!

Is the pilot light on? Some gas hot water heaters have pilot lights, and instructions on how to re-ignite them if they go out.

Is the thermostat at the right setting? Some units have adjustable thermostats, but this is best left to a licensed hot water plumber as adjusting it too high can cause scalding.

Is the system the right size for your needs? If you’re not always getting hot water when you need it, it might simply be time to upgrade to something bigger!

Is your shower running hot and cold? Often we find water saving restrictors don’t work with instantaneous hot water systems and need to be removed.

Regular servicing of your hot water system at least once every 2 years can keep it running reliably and efficiently for a long time. Replacing the sacrificial anode in gas storage systems is often the best, cheapest and easiest way to extend (and often double) the lifespan of the unit, but unfortunately many owners leave this until it’s too late.

Plumbdog offer comprehensive gas & electric hot water servicing and sacrificial anode replacement by our qualified and experienced hot water plumbers. Plumbdog Plumbing and Gas