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How To Find Your Water Meter

Finding your water meter or isolation tap

It is very important for you to know the location of either your water meter or your isolation tap especially in the event of a plumbing emergency.

Often it is brought to our attention that many Perth residents have not even thought about these until it is too late and either their plumber has arrived to do general maintenance/repairs or they are faced with a plumbing emergency such as flooding and it is too late.

Often as Perth Plumbers we are faced with comments such as “Well your the plumber” when we arrive to a property and ask the resident where their meter isolation tap is, and this is very frustrating as unfortunately we are not able to study the location of every isolation tap in Perth – so we suggest you locate it before its too late!

Often water meters and isolation taps are difficult to find depending on what type of property you have although if you have a house usually they are located on the boundary of your property and near your green electrical dome close to your driveway, although these can often be overgrown by grass and shrubs. If you have a strata unit often there will be a much bigger water meter out on the boundary and then individual isolation taps to each unit so that when the water needs to be isolated it is done at the individual isolation and not at the main which will shut off everyone’s water and potentially cause you some neighbourly rifts!

If you are not able to locate you water meter or isolation tap you may wish to contact the Water Corporation as they sometimes document the location of the meters for reading purposes, failing that contact us and we will be happy to send you a plumber to help you.