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Instantaneous or Storage Gas Hot Water?

What do you prefer – gas instantaneous or gas storage hot water systems?

We often get asked “which one would be best for me?” and to tell you the truth this is quite a difficult question in most cases due to the number of variants.

The simple answer is that if you are a small user of hot water or you are away from home for longer periods then I would probably recommend a gas instantaneous hot water system over a gas storage system due to the fact that the main burner will only come on when you demand hot water by opening up a hot tap within the property.

Without trying to confuse you further – there a 2 main types of gas instantaneous systems on the market ‘pilot’ and ‘electric ignition’. Pilot models are generally a little cheaper to install but have higher ‘stand-by’ costs as there is always a small pilot flame lit when demand for hot water is required, as this pilot flame is what ignites the main burner when required. The electric ignition versions are generally a little more expensive to buy and often require an external powerpoint to be installed by an electrician but with these versions when there is no demand for hot water then this costs you absolutely nothing! For domestic applications gas instantaneous units are generally sized from 12 litres per minute through to 26 litres per minute depending on the use required. The size of the gas pipe to you property can quite often determine the size of the unit available to you as the bigger the unit installed the bigger the gas pipe must be. Gas pipes can be replaced with a bigger pipe, although the cost is increased in doing this.

For larger and higher use families the gas storage systems can be an advantage also as these have hot water on standby ready for you to use on demand and also the water is at mains pressure whereas with the instantaneous hot water systems the pressure depends on a few variants such as the size of the  system measured in litres per minute. Gas storage units can be sized according to the use you require generally from 90 litres through to 170 litres for domestic use. Some of the modern models out on the market are 5 star rated and these include Rheem Stellar and Dux Prodigy where the 135 litre tanks can supply around 330 litres of hot water in the first hour.

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