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Plumbdog is your source of certified plumber services throughout the Metropolitan area, with a fully-qualified team that is guaranteed to arrive on time with the ability to fix almost anything in a single visit – all at no call-out fee!

We’re quite a restless, busy bunch:

Backflow Prevention is arguably one of the most sophisticated and innovative steps in the evolution of plumbing. Why? Simply put, it prevents harmful and unhygienic substances from flowing in the opposite direction it was intended for. We’ll leave the potential catastrophe up to your imagination.

Kitchen plumbing is something you want to leave up to an expert. Whether it’s an emergency, repair or new installation, let the big dogs do the dirty work. Our fully-qualified team has the experience and knowledge fix anything from dripping taps and blocked drains to the implementation of ice maker fridge and dishwasher installations.

Leaking toilets are as dangerous as they are unhygienic. With water all over the floor on a surface that’s already slippery to begin with, it causes a serious risk of falling on top of the potential damage caused to your home or business infrastructure.

Imagine wasting up to 2,000 litres of water a month all because of a dripping tap. Sound crazy? It’s not. And other than the nuisance of hearing every drop hit the bottom of the tank, saving water should be at the top of your moral to-do list. Plumbdog believes in saving both water and money, which is why we provide a service that will restore dripping taps to its original functionality at a fraction of its replacement cost.

What would Plumbdog be without its Perth Plumbing Specials? We’ve got deals on four of our most popular Hot Water Systems, because every dog deserves to have its day. The catch? Our prices are based on replacing systems of similar sizing and basic working foundations – we’re sure you understand.

When all seems lost and you’re wearing your last clean pair of underpants, laundry plumbing comes to the rescue. Whether you need an emergency service or basic maintenance and installation, Plumbdog knows how important it is to be able to wash up. We cover both home and business setups, with full renovation and repairing capacity.

Dishwasher installations can be more intricate than one thinks. That doesn’t stop Plumbdog from upholding a record of total customer satisfaction and strict plumbing and electrical guidelines. See it for yourself with our fully-fledged Service Guarantee.

With the know-how and skillset to implement ice maker fridge installations for most popular appliance brands, Plumbdog is well-quipped and ready to go at the blow of a whistle. From small indoor and domestic units to large outdoor and commercial systems, we’ve got it covered.

At Plumbdog, we believe that one of the keys to any business is transparency. This is why we’re always 100% honest about our plumbing prices with absolutely no hidden costs – nada! On top of this, we do our job as quickly as possible so that you end up paying less – all without callout fees. We also carry cash, Credit Card and EFTPOS facilities at all times to ensure on-the-spot, easy payments.

Do you need specialist bathroom plumbing? Whether you’re doing renovations or need help fixing a leaking toilet or dripping tap, Plumbdog knows the seriousness of the situation. Don’t leave it until it’s too late. There’s nothing worse than a wet puppy.

Don’t get left in the gutter. Trying to clean it yourself and access it from your roof can be dangerous for anyone that is not a professional or equipped with the correct knowledge and tools to successfully complete the job. Leave it it up to your specialist local plumbing services when it comes to gutter cleaning in Perth.

Howling for help with a burst pipe? Plumbdog implements expert burst pipe repairs effectively with a team of dedicated staff that knows what they’re doing. Our vans are always stocked with whatever we may need so that we can fix the problem in one go.

Hose taps can be found in a variety of environments that include home gardens, patios, balconies and commercial/industrial spaces like workshops, hospitals and labs. Whatever the setting, Plumbdog has the capability of installing and repairing hose connection vacuum breakers (HCVB) to ensure backflow prevention and its potential harm to employees.

Reticulation repairs is something that needs to be done by a licensed and professional plumber with the relevant skillset to install the cut-in connection to your infrastructure’s main water line. Sounds intense, we know. But rest assured that our team is more than capable with work done in accordance with WA Plumbers Licensing Board specifications.

We’ve established a friendly service that’s based on the effective treatment of all possible domestic plumbing problems, together with an emergency call-out – even if you’re a cat person. Now that’s unconditional love.

We don’t only show love to small holdings. Plumbdog applies our same expertise to commercial plumbing that takes care of the top dogs. Whether it’s for shopping centres, food & beverage outlets, residential developments or office infrastructure, we can handle it.

Washing machine installation is another application that deserves serious attention to detail. We have experience with most of the appliance brands on the Australian market, old and new. We’ll consider everything including proximity to taps, availability of hot water and ease of access for your convenience.

You’d expect an emergency plumber to charge you a fortune, right? Wrong. Plumbdog has a culture of transparency and will come out at no fee to attend to your plumbing emergency quickly and effectively. We’ll answer your call anytime of the night, because no one should be left chunking in the garage.

Want to skip the reading and speak to us directly. Contact Perth’s most sophisticated gas and plumbing services now.

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