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Backflow Prevention by Plumbdog

WA law now requires that backflow prevention devices be installed on all properties where there is medium to high risk of contamination of potable (drinkable) water by reverse flow of chemicals or other contaminants.

Plumbdog can provide advice and expertise relating to backflow prevention devices throughout the Perth metro, including:

  • Backflow prevention device testing, inspection, repairs and maintenance
  • Installation of Australian Standard 2845.3 compliant backflow devices and valves
  • Liaising with water utilities.

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Who is at risk of backflow?

Backflow prevention is most important in commercial plumbing where safety of employees and the general public is paramount. For example, where there is risk of chemical-contaminated water entering drinkable tap water in company cafes, tea rooms, bathrooms or drinking fountains.

Common sources of contamination are industrial workshops, manufacturing operations, and commercial agriculture utilising pest control chemicals and fertilizers.

Other sources include foot spas, swimming pools and other areas where there is medium to high risk of contaminated water backflow.

What are my obligations?

Backflow devices must be installed at the property boundary water meter, protecting the potable water supply for the entire property. This method of boundary protection is called containment.

The devices must be tested at commissioning, after any maintenance, and at least every 12 months thereafter by a licensed plumber who has permission to test such devices.

Water Corporation will send an annual letter to the property owner regarding backflow device maintenance. Failure to maintain such a backflow device will result in a non-compliance notice, and a possible fine of up to $2000 plus a daily penalty for as long as the owner fails to comply with the terms of the notice.

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