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Which system to choose?

Most hot water systems available these days are powered either by gas or electricity, and there are many different opinions on which is the best.

Solar and heat pump systems have the ‘free energy’ advantage, but with fewer government rebates on solar now being offered, these systems can be expensive to install. Perth has a beautiful sunny daytime climate but the winters can get quite chilly – which means increased reliance on backup power and slow heating times (as heat pump systems work by transferring heat from outside the home).

The benefits of choosing gas

We have found that the majority of our customers are now choosing to replace their existing hot water boilers with 5 star rated gas systems, which offer many years of reliable operation and relatively low running costs compared to electric.

Which is the right gas system for you?

You have two options to choose from – a gas storage unit such as the 5 star efficient Rheem Stellar 330, or an instantaneous / continuous flow system such as the Rinnai Infinity. Both offer fast flowing, mains pressure hot water with great running costs.

Choosing the right system for you can depend on many factors, including property size and the number of users in your house, as well as the type of system currently installed. Changing from a gas storage system to a gas instantaneous / continuous flow usually requires a gas pipe upgrade due to the higher mega-joule (mj/h) rating of instantaneous systems.

Another factor to consider is location. Is the system a long distance from your meter box? In such cases, choosing a 5 star rated gas storage system may be the best way to minimise your energy bills.

More information on how to choose a gas hot water system is available on our blog.

Other system types available

Whilst electric storage units and electric instantaneous units are becoming less popular these days due to rising electricity prices & the carbon tax, we do still provide a range of electric hot water systems in Perth for when gas is not available as an option. Click on the links above to find out more.

Hot water tempering valves

A hot water tempering valve regulates the temperature of the water sent to your outlets by automatically mixing the correct amount of hot water with cold water, to provide a safe maximum hot water temperature no higher than 50 degrees. The tempered water is piped to areas where hot water accidents are most likely to occur, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

When replacing an old hot water system, you should always install a tempering valve. Tempering valves are now compulsory in WA for all new homes and renovations, and also when increasing the capacity of the system or changing fuel type such as electric to gas or vice-versa.

It takes only a second for a child to be seriously injured by high temperature water, so don’t risk your hot water service with an unlicensed plumber.  Plumbdog’s hot water plumbers are qualified to install and service all types and brands of tempering valves for both commercial and residential projects. Click here for more information relating to tempering valves.

Extra valve locations and electrician work

If you need extra valves installed or replaced such as relief valves or cold water isolation valves, Plumbdog can help there, too. We also work closely with approved electricians to ensure all required electrical work is performed safely and in accordance with WA regulations.

Regular hot water servicing

Once it has been installed, we recommend that you have your new hot water system serviced every 2 years to keep it running at optimum efficiency. Plumbdog can service all types of gas & electrical hot water systems, including replacement of sacrificial anodes.

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