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Expert Laundry Renovations In Perth

Planning to upgrade your laundry? Renovating your laundry can provide a great boost to the value and aesthetics of your home or business. Before starting, make sure you whistle for Plumbdog.

Our fully qualified Perth laundry plumbers are skilled in all aspects of laundry renovation plumbing, and we work well with other trades to ensure a seamless renovation from beginning to end.

We can assist with the following:

  • Disconnection, repositioning & reconnection of all laundry plumbing fittings and fixtures,
  • Planning, scheduling and project management of laundry plumbing renovation tasks,
  • Quick and efficient resolution of any laundry renovation plumbing issues.

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We can work within any deadline

A laundry renovation project usually requires coordination and scheduling of several different trade companies. Plumbdog’s fully qualified laundry plumbers offer guaranteed arrival time for every visit, carrying all the right tools for just about any laundry renovation task. The result is that your renovation plumbing gets done quickly, on time, and to the highest standards of quality.

Our laundry renovation qualifications are backed by our record as Perth’s most trusted emergency laundry plumbers.

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Laundry plumbing fixtures and fittings

Generally, we don’t supply plumbing fixtures and appliances such as sinks, tapware, washing machines and water filters for your laundry renovations as these days there is simply far too much choice available, however, please feel free to see our plumbing specials, all of which include installation.

Once our quote is accepted and a deposit is paid, we take precise measurements that will help you choose exactly the right fixtures for your needs and space. You can then go shopping with the knowledge that the items you have chosen will be the right fit for your laundry renovation.

Our quote will then include all fittings and labour required to install the items you have chosen.

How long will the renovation take?

This depends on the complexity of the job and the other trades involved, but most renovations are completed in less than 5 days.

Once the quote has been approved, a typical laundry renovation will require three visits by us:

First visit

Disconnection of all existing fixtures, including laundry trough, taps and washing machine.

Second visit

Re-positioning water and waste pipes, ensuring correct heights are maintained for cabinets. Mudding walls and concreting floors in readiness for tiler screed.

Where possible, we prefer to have all plumbing fixtures and tapware on site during this visit to help with positioning.

Third visit

Once floor tiling and wall tiling is complete, we fit all laundry fixtures and appliances such as sink, tap and washing machine.

We always go the extra mile and install the best quality fittings, including mini-stop taps prior to mixer taps, which will help with future maintenance.

We can offer variations of these steps according to your individual needs – just give us a call.

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For many laundry renovation projects within Perth, we can commence work within 1 week of booking a job. For a quote and the best laundry renovation plumbing advice in Perth, give us a whistle!