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Problems with water temperature in your shower?

Lately we have been called out to frustrated clients who are experiencing problems with maintaining an ambient temperature of hot water in their showers.

In some instances the reason for this is that their hot water system was due for a service, but in most cases we have found that the reason behind this is that they have had a new shower head (Rose) installed recently which contains a water restrictor. If you are experiencing similar problems then I would ask you to check the temperature at other hot water outlets within the house such as basins and sinks. If you find that the problem is only limited to a particular shower then I would say that this is the case as generally a fault on your hot water system would show signs at all hot water outlets and not just limited to a shower.

These modern shower heads containing a restrictor are for water saving, and at Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas Pty Ltd, Perth, WA we are always looking for ways to save water, however some hot water systems are not compatible with these. The reason for this is that some gas instantaneous hot water system models such as the Bosch 10p require a minimum amount of water to flow through the unit (measured in litres per minute) in order to maintain a controlled temperature, and so if this steady flow of water through the unit is not maintained then the water temperature can fluctuate.

These water saving shower heads have been issued to households across Perth, WA recently by the Water Corporation, however there is little information supplied to the home-owners offering advice on when to and when not to install such a water saving device.

For more information regarding the Water Corporations ‘Showerhead Swap’ click here.

Should you be experiencing any of the above symptoms and require advice then please post a reply and we will do our best to resolve your issues.