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Electric Instantaneous Hot Water Systems
Hot water is one convenience we can’t live without, which can make the search for a new unit a race against time! Fortunately Plumbdog Perth guarantee to always arrive on time so you’ll never have to settle for a cold shower again. Whistle and we will come!

We also provide Emergency electric hot water servicing and repairs.

Replacement of your electric instantaneous system

We offer two models of electric instantaneous systems, the Wilson Super X and the Stiebel Eltron Simple-X. If your old unit is one of these or similar, we can usually replace it on the same day.

The hot water system prices displayed on our website include supply and delivery to most properties in Perth metro and are inclusive of GST.

Both units are ideal as replacement units in single-bathroom houses, and in smaller shops and offices across WA. Both are three phase units and offer similar capacity, except that the Stiebel works better with mixer taps and does not require a cold relief valve.

If replacement of your hot water system is not a straightforward job, we will be happy to supply you with a free quote.

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When should you choose electric instantaneous?

We normally recommend going with a gas hot water system as they are usually cheaper to run than equivalent electric units, and better for the environment. When gas is not available, however, an instantaneous / continuous flow electric hot water unit can still be an efficient alternative, as it only heats water when it is needed by passing it through an electric heat exchanger. So you only pay for hot water as you use it, and because there is no storage tank, there is no loss of heat.

When replacing same size systems, we generally advise replacing with the same brand in order to minimise pipework changes and associated costs.

Need your electric instantaneous hot water system installed or replaced?

Need your electric hot water system replaced right now? Plumbdog provide a genuine emergency hot water system replacement service across the entire Perth Metro, so you’ll never again get caught taking a cold shower! Contact Plumbdog for expert advice on replacing your old system, or to book a hot water plumber right now.

What is a ‘three phase’ unit?

A three phase unit requires a 415V three phase supply, which is a system that is used to supply electricity to devices that require high amounts of electrical current (Amps), either continually or in short bursts. A three phase supply is more efficient than 240V single phase as the current being drawn by the electrical device is shared across three phases, with the result being that that less power is used overall.

Instantaneous hot water systems are usually three phase, as a single phase supply will struggle to heat the water quickly enough.

Always choose qualified tradespersons

All new electric hot water systems in Western Australia must be connected and tested by a licensed electrical contractor. When installing your new electric storage hot water system, Plumbdog’s hot water plumbers work closely with electrical trades to ensure the work is completed safely and correctly in accordance with WA regulations.

It is important that your electric storage hot water system be installed by a fully licensed hot water plumber, to ensure safe and efficient operation, and to minimise chance of system breakdown during a power fluctuation.

A hot water tempering valve, which automatically mixes hot water with cold to ensure a safe maximum temperature at your hot water outlets, may be required for this type of system.

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