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Upgraded Instant Gas Hot Water System!

I had a fairly dismal experience when I was shopping around for an upgraded Instant Gas system – I was looking to replace a 10L/min system with something that would give me better pressure. Many other companies didn’t understand the request and thought that I wanted to replace it with another 10L/min system. I was told that the sort of product I was looking for was too hard to install, didn’t exist, or far more expensive. When I called your crew and spoke to Richard he had an indicative price off the top of his head, a quote in front of me in an hour (which was almost the cheapest I’d seen) and included everything needed, including electrical work that other organisations had told me would be extra, or which I’d have to organise myself.

 The installer was on time (I didn’t have the pleasure of dealing with him myself – I had to be at work and my housemate gave him access) and did a good, neat job.

 The result, as well, was brilliant – the water pressure I get out of my system now makes it worth getting out of bed in the morning. I have friends coming to my house just to enjoy my shower it’s so good.

 So yes, you could say I was pretty happy with the service. I work in IT and I’m expected to provide perfect customer service at all times, whereas I receive it extremely rarely. When I do I like to thank people : )


 Peter Raven, Carlisle WA