Vulcan Hot Water Systems

The guys and gals at Plumbdog Hot Water Systems are experienced and trained in the operation, installation, maintenance and repair of all Vulcan hot water units.

Vulcan continuously provides high quality and performance at a very affordable price, year after year. Just a couple of the reasons why people rely on this well-known brand for their home and business water heating solutions.

Vulcan is built to last:

  • Use high quality materials
  • Are a proven technology
  • Built for toughness and durability
  • All at an affordable price

 Vulcan hot water systems storage units are made from steel that is tough enough to withstand varying pressures in the water heating cycles. The units are adaptable: With balanced flue and steel jackets make gas models easy to install. In addition to this, because of Vulcan’s popularity, spare parts are readily available across Perth and can be serviced by the plumbers at Plumbdog!

Of course, not all homes are built equally and not all families are the same. The little guy in his pram will be a teenager before you know it and the twins are nearly sixteen! The truth is that a family’s water usage will change as the children get older and again when they leave home. To account for this, Vulcan has a wide range of water systems from small 90 litre units, to a more common 135 litre gas and electric system to bigger still.

If you are looking to replace or fit a new Vulcan hot water system in your home or business, then look no further than Plumbdog. We can guide you to choosing the right unit for your needs.

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