Wilson Hot Water Systems

Wilson Hot Water systems are known throughout Australia, are made from premium and high quality materials to ensure they will last a long time. Should you be looking for a hot water system, we can definitely recommend a Wilson!

At Plumbdog, our guys and gals are some of the leading plumbers in Perth and are fully trained and experienced in the operation, maintenance, repair and installation of all Wilson hot water units.

With a range of options, Wilson makes it easy to choose the most suitable water heater for your needs, such as:

  • Gravity fed  and Mains pressure systems
  • Heat recovery options
  • Solar hot water units
  • Low pressure systems
  • and continuous flow gas and electric

With all this and high storage capacities -ranging from 160(perfect for most families) to a massive 800 litres for larger properties – which can be used as electric storage or combined with solar panels to create a cost effective and affordable water heating solution. In addition, all Wilson’s hot water systems carry the Watermark seal of approval.

If you are looking to upgrade, repair or replace your water unit, give Plumbdog a call on 1300 036 626 and let us help you in choosing the correct system for your home, we can even come to your home or look over your architectural drawings of your proposed property too. Call us now or book a consultation online today.

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