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Don’t Rely on their competition!

I initially contacted Plumbdog and booked the service for Friday afternoon  And then made a really bad mistake – I called one of your competitors who offered to do the same plumbing job at a somewhat lower price.  They offered the same guarantee of on-time service within a two hour window.  I cancelled the booking with Plumbdog, which I greatly regret.  Your competitor not only did not show up within the 2 hour window – they never showed at all!  Nor did they phone me to say they couldn’t come.  I phoned them – they gave me lame excuses, and said they couldn’t come until Monday – maybe.  As a result I was without hot water for the whole weekend.  They made no apology, apart from “Sorry, mate – too busy even to call you.”  Naturally, I was not happy, I told them not to bother, and I phoned Plumbdog Plumbing & Gas again.

What a difference!  Your service is excellent.  Luke arrived on time, completed the job quickly and efficiently and also gave me excellent advice regarding the hot water unit.  I already knew that I will need to replace it some time in the near future – it’s old, inadequate and on its last legs.  But finances are tight for me right now; not only have I just bought this property, I’ve been ill, I’m just out of hospital and will be unable to work for nearly three months – I needed, and got, a repair job that will keep the unit going until my health and finances improve.

The best thing was, unlike many tradespeople Luke wasn’t pushy – he accepted that I was not in a financial position to replace the system straight away, although he agreed with me that the unit would need replacing soon.  Instead of a hard sell he gave me vital  information for when I am able to make that purchase.  He explained to me that because my house has the old smaller gas pipes this would require major work and and be more expensive than I had anticipated, but that the cost could be reduced by moving the hot water system to a different location on my house.  That is very useful information!  I now know that I will need to spend more than I thought I would, but I know it ahead of time so I can plan and budget for it.  And I know how to keep the extra costs to a minimum – many tradespeople wouldn’t have told me that, they would have tried to sell me on the biggest job possible.

That’s great service!  I will definitely be recommending Plumbdog to my friends – in fact I’m just about to post about you on Facebook, saying what great service you gave.

Alec, Osborne Park